Why it is necessary to integrate apps?

Using integration apps enables more appropriate and better ways of identifying and responding to changes. 

Existing apps are primarily single-purpose solutions. There are no apps that can comprehensively observe one’s mind, body and activities. Having anxiety can cause unbalanced eating habits due to stress. This may lead to activities becoming stagnant. If any correlation or causal relationship among negative chain reactions can be identified and understood, then appropriate plans to enact changes, based on integrated data variations, can be pursued rather than going through trial and error iterations based on fragmentary data, memories or experiences.

Using integration apps has another advantage.

Many people use various smart phone based in-store or online point cards to receive discounts or other advantages. This can be a headache when it takes time to look for a card or smart phone ID if it cannot be found. Integration apps can easily solve these problems. Moreover, integration apps are preferred by neophytes who try a new app as soon as they get tired of using another. Integration apps can be connected to each other automatically in a one-stop interface. This maximizes an app’s effectiveness as the app gathers significant data.
How is each app integrated?

There are three ways of integrating apps.

The following approaches can be used to collect data for each application if external I/O devices are used.

  • Data over Bluetooth for IoT items such as wearable watches, etc. 
  • Mobile data over Wifi from smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • API data from individual applications

Through the development of prototypes, data collection, integration, analysis, data sharing, data management and various functions for each application are expected to be clarified.
Why are the integration applications developed as an Open Sauce Software or OSS?

This is the most suitable development method to simultaneously integrate many apps.

In 2020 over 130 billion apps were downloaded worldwide from the combined iOS App Store and Google Play. In this growing app market, integration apps are required to satisfy rapid development, progress and market formation. Many engineers and users who regularly participate in system development and operation are best suited to realize the potential of OSS developments.
What kind of technology is adopted to develop?

Web apps will be developed for various prototypes.

Native apps for smartphones are the future goal. Currently we are developing prototypes for webapps. PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) will be used to realize stress-free operability for smartphones.
What kind of organization will be used for business development?

There is no organization established.

We start with relatively small-scale prototype development projects. Through these projects we will interact with various stakeholders who may have an interest in this interactive application. We will take advantage of this opportunity to find people to form and develop the organization. We will also start looking into sponsorships and consortiums for stable project management. As well we will examine crowdfunding or other fundraising activities from investment funds if necessary.
How and where to make a profit?

Data distribution services would be expected to make money.

Specifically, we intend to increase profitability by conducting data integration for each application, as well as cross-application, analysis, data sharing, technology management expertise, and a high degree of data packaging, knowledge based C2C (Customer to Customer), and C2B data distribution services. An example of C2C distribution services is the bartering services model established in Spain.
Why did the project name of integration applications change from onto⁻apps to youresponse?

A preposition “onto” refers to on top of and implies movement.

Using “onto” is meant to reflect a fundamental existence among apps whereas youresponse is a combination of the words ‘your’ and ‘response’. A perspective-neutral dialog with yourself is the concept of youresponse. Beginning with the integration application services, we valued the concept of a user point of view.
What is the purpose of prototype development?

Prototype development enables the evaluation and verification of integrated data use and its advantages. 

Integration apps are used to integrate, analyze each user’s mind, body and activities to help them re-evaluate themselves. Users’ needs vary depending on their usage objectives and what they want to know and improve. Users can choose the most suitable and advantageous app among four categories. Integrating these data enables evaluation and verification of available data analysis, usefulness, user needs and benefits. 
How can I cooperate and participate in this project?

There are various occupations and roles where your skills and experience can be focused. 

Directors with experience in developing an OSS. Designers, programmers, database engineers, system/network structuring engineers, testers, lifelog apps users, anyone interested in integration apps, advisors, observers, etc.

In this prototype development, three apps will be set up in three teams.
Please tell me how to participate in a team, the selection process and monetary reward if any.

No monetary reward will be available for prototype development. 

For inquiries, please use the form found in this website. Regardless of eligibility to apply, selection criteria incudes occupation, knowledge of role, skills and experience. There is a possibility to increase prototype development themes if there is a sufficiently large number of applicants. Although there is no monetary reward as pro bono work, issuing suitable response tokens (name tentative) that recognizes time spent and results may be considered.
Will it be available to the public after prototype applications have been developed?

It is planned to be available to the public. 

Various processes, such as design, verification and evaluation, and knowledge/skills through the development will be shared among development team members and authorized people on SNS or similar communities. 
Is there any roadmap after developing prototypes?

We aim to launch an official release within a year. 

There is no specific roadmap.
Is there any limitation on the number of integration app categories or number of apps? How about devises?

In order to acquire significant analysis data from integration applications, it is necessary to choose appropriate applications from appropriate categories to integrate.

Random application integration causes data expansion without providing significant analysis results. Integration applications should be able to support various devises such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and wearable devices. Prototypes for the purposes of evaluation and verification will be using Web apps.
Are there game related elements or information sharing functions among participants in the integration applications?

This will be considered for the official version. 

In prototype versions, there are no functions to promote game type usage elements, no information sharing and no competitions. However, in the official version we will consider the possibility of information sharing.
Can collected and accumulated personal data be provided to or sold to third parties such as companies or organizations under a user’s judgement?

In the future a market in personal information will be formed.

General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR in the EU, and data regulations on third party cookies have tightened to require strict control of personal information and data. Cases of personal information knowingly or unknowingly provided to digital services have increasingly negative impact on individuals. In these circumstances, new distribution markets are forming in which personal information is provided or sold to corporations or public organizations. In our country, information banks are conducting demonstration experiments and other services functioning as intermediaries. 
Is there any possibility that other application developers or Apple or Google will provide similar integration apps services?

Integration apps are essentially different from multi-functional apps that extend the functionality of exclusive apps. 

Extending the functionality of exclusive apps makes them appear to be an integration application. However, this is actually a multi-functional application containing functions unnecessary to most users. Integration apps are tools that meets everyone’s needs in the most suitable way possible.
Can integration application data be managed safely and securely?

Security is the top priority.

Our approach creates an environment for the build process to meet security regulations of domestic and overseas public institutions, utilising technologies such as blockchain to protect personal information.
Is data collected and accumulated in the integration applications so called ‘big data’?

Our approach is not merely big data, generally defined as including many forms of unstructured data and raw data in many formats. 

We also assemble substantial volumes of data created and stored daily in chronological order with real-time processing. Although personal data captured by integration apps are similar to big data, integration apps are organized to be able to effectively analyse personal data.
Is AI used to analyze the enormous volume of data in the integration application?

AI demonstrates great power for data analysis. 

One example of big data analysis garnering significant attention is weather forecasting that has been using AI for over 20 years. Thanks to recent remarkable improvements in machine learning, nowcasting has demonstrated remarkable capacities in weather forecasting for the next few hours. AI can be used to analyze the personal data of a large number of people when insufficient individual data is available. Even though the analyzed results are speculative, the results of the analysis remain a matter of probability or trend values based on statistics. When individuals are unique and changes occurs daily, it is always necessary to adjust, revise and self-assess. 
Is the integration application considered to be associated with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) or eco systems?

Integrated applications reduce the load on data processing. 

Recent technologies, such as blockchain and AI, are utilized to derive value from big data which doubles up every two years.  Please refer to the article “AI Can Do Great Things – If It Doesn’t Burn the Planet” by Will Knight, a senior writer at WIRED. This article describes the enormous amount of energy AI consumes. Integration apps capacity to organize data facilitates significant analysis more resource efficiently than processing unstructured raw data in various types and formats.
Will the integration applications be helpful right away? Can a person who is quick to lose interest continue using it?

People never tire of observing their minds and bodies that change daily, the same way you would never lose interest in yourself. 

It may take time to be useful as a certain degree of data accumulation is needed for effective review and analysis. Observing and reflecting on yourself instinctively and objectively can be an interesting process. The journey of self-discovery is not only enjoyable but also useful. There is always more one can learn about one’s self.
Can the integration apps be expected to give advice from your past self to your future self?

You can expect advice from an earlier version of you. 

Recorded data augments human memory. Self-monitoring with objective data enables insights you grasped instinctively before. Consistently doing so and making it habitual, you can expect advice from an earlier version of yourself. Integration apps are simply tools to expand your possibilities and help create another you.
While I am curious about the results of data analysis from integration apps, the results of the data analysis may cause some stress.

It is more important to see the process of growth and improvement than a single set of results. 

People naturally feel anxious when their perceptions and the analyzed results disagree. Poor or unexpected results may give you stress. Observing your mind and body engaged in various activities give you awareness of changes that may include anxiety and stress. If you can go through this improvement process with a sense of fun, the anxiety and stress that the results may produce can eventually be reduced.
What ideal purpose does the integration application give?

The harmony of three groups of each containing three elements.

“Spirit, Technique and Physical Strength”, “Intellect, Emotion and Volition”, and “Rationality, Intelligence and Sensibility”. The harmony of these moral philosophies is the ultimate and ideal purpose of the integration application. Do what needs to be done when, where and how it is needed. This Zen-like attitude and way of thinking in the most natural way and the most ideal. Excerpt from “The Art of Simple Living” by Shunmyo Masuno
Are there support programs, ambassador programs, or influencer-programs?

We will consider how programs influence or affect each other in various ways. 

As more people agree with the youresponse concept or need our services, faster and better services can be provided. We will examine programs that help users understand each other and how they can influence and interact with each through their spontaneous or structured actions.